Aluminium Radio Click Clock


Aluminium Radio Click Clock

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- FM Radio with on screen frequency display (frequency between 87.5 and 108.5)
- manual tuning or automatic channel searching
- display time, date and temperature alternately or permanent time display only setting
- on screen alarm time display
- radio or buzzer alarm option and 5 or 7 days alarm setting
- LED display automatically switches off when it’s quiet or can stay on permanently
- 12/24 hours and Celsius or Fahrenheit format display can be selected
- European or American date format can be selected  
- LED display automatically dims by half between 9pm and 7am
- power supply: built-in 2000mAh rechargeable battery or DC5V/0.5-1A plug adapter (included) 
- battery life: 7-8 hours when radio is constantly in use; 10-14 days when clock is on only in permanent display setting and 3-4 months in sound activated display setting. 

- in-built internal memory battery to keep all your custom settings

- product material: MDF wood with aluminium effect veneer finish

- product weight: 900g

- product size:  L: 17.9 x W: 5.4 x H: 10.5 cm

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