Chassol- Big Sun


Chassol- Big Sun


• The French pianist, composer and arranger Christophe Chassol specialises in ‘ultrascore’ — a performance fusing and harmonising stunning visuals and rhythmic motifs into a filmic/musical whole.

• “Big Sun”, the third work of a trilogy, was inspired by a visit to Martinique in the French West Indies, the birthplace of his family.

• Critics have described Chassol as a “rare artist, an adventurer of his time” and “an eclectic genius”

Side A
1. The Big Sun
2. Birds Part II
3. Pipornithology Part I
4. Mario Part I
Mario Part II
5. Organe Phonatoire
6. Dominos Part III
7. Samak

Side B
1. La Route De La Trace
2. BWA Brile
3. Carnaval Part III
4. Carnaval Part IV
5. The Big Sun
6. Apes Kidz
Reich & Darwin
7. Generique Big Sun

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