Miss Swanne - Graphic Pop Portraits

Miss Swanne is an illustrator and wall surface designer. In 2010 she launched her unique line of prints and wall murals. Her main interests lie with colour and decoration, in between bouts of excessive biscuit eating.

Miss Swanne will pop art your portraits! Each customised unframed print is worth £44 per individual portrait (incl P&P).... all she needs is a couple of clear photographs so she can get a good idea of each subject, and you could start with just the kids and add to your collection as you like... pets included! (After ordering on-line we will provide you with an email address to forward shots to.) You may choose your colour background or let the artist do the picking.

The prints are sized 21cm x 21cm (which co-incidentally fits a white square 23cm x 23cm Ikea frame without the mount!) Gorgeous when grouped in a collection with white frames and contrasting backgrounds. Or go for a on-trend 'Shades of Grey'

£44 per individual portrait (incl P&P)

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